Artist Statements



I hear the shot gun blast, the clock starts. Instinctively, like a stampede of cattle we run. In an instant I am in the water. All sound stops. I turn to breath and hear the splashing of many people. I am a fish, in a tight knit school. I slide between bodies, feeling only kicking feet and groping hands. It’s terrifying, stopping is not possible. As I exit the water I rise to my feet, plunged into a world of sound and air. I run, dizzied by this abrupt change from water to land, locate my bike, and ride. I ride with purpose and intent, wholly focused. All my energy is spent with reference to the clock. I push and pull my legs round, and begin to move without conscious thought. I become machine built of flesh, a laborer fed on will.


As both curator and conservation specialist, I am charged with the collection and restoration of an era when work was life.  Remains of this fading reality are manual tools, survivors of their time.  They suggest a story of purpose and connection, but speak a distant language.  I attempt to decipher and describe this language through the fragment, reconstruction, and presentation.